Meet the Owner

Sharaine Chin

Sharaine Chin is the Founder and CEO of Bluraine Practice Management. She worked in hospital administration for 28 years, and is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau Atlanta (BBB Atlanta) and member of the US Women’s Chamber of Commerce.
With 28 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Sharaine knows what it takes to drive a successful healthcare practice.

She is also a seasoned entrepreneur, having founded and managed her own retail business for over 11 years. With her wealth of knowledge and experience in healthcare and entrepreneurship Sharaine established Bluraine Practice Management to provide experienced expert medical and dental billing and practice management solutions.

She is well aware of the challenges faced by healthcare providers and is committed to ensuring their financial success by providing the targeted services their individual practice needs to succeed.

Founder & CEO

Our Services

Medical Billing Solutions

Medical And Dental

We begin each relationship with understanding our customer’s needs. Open communication and transparency are at every stage of the partnership.

Creative Collections Solutions

What we wish to provide you is an ability to close the book on every insurance claim by utilizing this service only on those specific claims requiring this type of additional effort.

Electronic Funds

EFT allows for the electronic transfer of funds from your patient's bank account directly into your account!

Remote Data Backup Solutions

Our Remote Backup System works like regular data backup software, with one important difference: it sends the backup over the Internet to a secure backup server offsite.


As a well-care service provider, we manage your outreach program to help maintain communication with your patients.


As healthcare organizations strive to leverage the Internet, they need to deploy a security architecture to meet government regulations and ensure the trust of patients.


We solve your records storage problems. We scan and store your historic records and documentation.


We ensure that your office obtains its credentials accurately, on time, and with the least amount of hassle.